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As a seeker of knowledge, I am always eager to explore new areas of inquiry. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for uncovering insights, I am dedicated to producing thorough and thought-provoking research.


Let's collaborate on your next research project and discover the insights that await us.

Need research assistance? Let's work together to uncover insights.

I am pursuing my Master in Sociology at
the Manipal Centre for Humanities

Here, I am exploring the Sociology of food, Digital Humanities and Gender Studies

Research Experience

Nov'20 - Nov'21

Folk Artists Documentation

I interviewed and documented folk artists who visited the Museum from November 2020 to November 2021, including 9 folk artists groups; and many craftspeople.

Primary Research  - Preparing Questionarrie & Interviews

Desk research - Background about the art forms and previous interviews


Oct'21 - Jan'21

Research for Jharkhand

Part of this Festival research looked to understand the socio-economic and political implications of the state's history and its impact on their tribal populations, their lifestyle, food, arts and crafts.

Desk research - Deep-dive research in article blogs, books, videos and interviews.

Sep'21 - Oct'21

Hung up on Handloom

I curated the Hungup on Handloom program series based on research and looking at intersections with politics, performing arts, game design, agriculture, revival, marketing and other interventions.

Primary research - Programming Scene in the last 24 years, talking to SMEs

Secondary Research - Learning more about Handloom sector

Apr'21 - June'21

Queering in Folktales

My study touched upon Indian Folktales and understanding their queer interpretations by taking 5 tales.

Secondary Research - Understanding relevant cultural motifs to make the interpretations.

Dec'20 - Jan'21

Exhibition Research

Part of team on research for 'A Weaving Journey - The Story of the South Indian Sari' with a focus on Saris from Andra Pradesh.

Secondary Research - Exploring the saree styles across various publications

Apr'21 - June'21

Mental Wellbeing with Prakriti

Put together the Grant Proposal for a project that included in-depth research about mental health in India and amongst artists through reading, analysing other festivals, and interviews. Project reshaped for the digital during lockdown 2020.

Secondary Research - Exploring mental health crisis in India, especially amongst artists and creative practioners.

Apr'18 - May'21

Freelance Content Writing

My content writing projects look at secondary research and interviews. It helped me gain angles on the subjects that I was writing, including, Heritage and archaeology tours, Ayurveda, Marketing and Trends, SaaS, Literature etc.

Secondary Research - Deep Desk research to write content effectively

Apr'18 - Jun'18

I Love Mondays

I was the lead in creating, automating evaluation, and interpreting 'The Future Ready Quiz' targeting teenagers and their parents. It was part of the funnel strategy to get more registrations for 'The Yellow Collar Club'.

Primary and Secondary Research - Understanding teen's motivations and creating a marketing survey.

Mar'16 - Oct'16

CareEdge Ratings
(CARE Ratings Ltd)

As a Large-Medium Entreprises Credit Rating Analyst, I did a deep dive into the financial status of the company and ascertained credit ratings to them.

Primary Research - Interacting with the stakeholders to understand the health

Secondary Research - Financial Analysis and intrepretation

Apr'18 - Jun'18

Social Media Marketing
in Indian Banks

Part of Undergrad study where I attempted to look at the extent of penetration of SMM by Indian banks and customer sentiments towards it through an online survey.

Primary Research - Surveyed 50 customers to understand SMM and banking Secondary Research - Interpretation, literature review of banks globally


Festival Management - South Asia Festival Academy (Beginners)

Organized by Edinburgh Napier University and British Council

Grade: 74

September 2021 - January 2022

Internship in Museum Management

Organized by DakshinaChitra Heritage Museum

Grade: Excellent

November 2020 - June 2021

Fundamentals of Arts Management

Organized by ATSA ArThink South Asia

September 13 - 15, 2019

Grant writing workshop by Anmol Vellani

Organized by ACRI - Bengaluru

July 6, 2019

Financial Modelling

Organized by IMS Proschool

July 2015

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